Havana Jazz Festival 2020

Travel from New Orleans to the Havana Jazz Fest
January 13th to 19th, 2020

Havana Jazz Fest 2020 will be the experience of a lifetime for Americans interested in supporting the Cuban people through music and the arts.  Join us for this 7 day/6 night package supporting the Cuban people. This legal trip involves meaningful interaction and carefully planned activities that include (but are not limited to) engaging with artists and musicians at the famed Jazz Festival. The Festival will occur at different venues throughout the city this week.

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As seen advertised, a preview of the Havana Jazz Festival 2020 package.  Cuba Travel New Orleans, LLC specializes in group packages for anyone interested in traveling legally to Cuba!

Support of the Cuban People Through Music and the Arts

Our itinerary is fully compliant with the “Support of the Cuban People” authorized category of travel. As such, in addition to the Jazz Fest, all of our activities revolve around supporting the Cuban people through meaningful interaction. This will include visiting a school of jazz as well as a school of dance, dining in private restaurants, patronizing private shops, visiting and talking with tobacco farmers, and encouraging independent thinking and creativity with artists, sculptors and musicians.

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Cuba Travel New Orleans LLC is a travel agency based in New Orleans, LA, with our main office in Metairie. We specialize in organizing legal trips to Cuba. Our mission is for Americans to discover Cuba while supporting the Cuban people through engagement and activities involving art, music, religion, culture, and more. Our team has more than 27 years of experience in the U.S.-Cuba travel market. Whatever the legal basis for your trip, we can customize the activities and arrangements to meet your interests and to satisfy the legal requirements. Whether you want to engage in authorized educational, religious, humanitarian or professional activities – or engage in tailored activities to support the Cuban people – we are here to serve you. It goes without saying that customer service is our top priority. We take care of the details, so that you can enjoy!

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